The Beans

Welcome to Diversity Beans, where a simple jelly bean becomes a powerful catalyst for change. 

In a world where appearances often influence our perceptions, Diversity Beans challenge the notion that we can judge a book by its cover – or a jelly bean by its color. By having multiple flavors associated with each color, we disrupt the instinctive urge to make snap judgments based on visual cues alone.

Through hands-on engagement with Diversity Beans, individuals embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the subtle biases that shape their thoughts and actions. By immersing themselves in this interactive experience, participants gain invaluable insights into the pervasive nature of bias and its impact on our everyday interactions.

More than just a colorful assortment of jelly beans, Diversity Beans represent a commitment to introspection and growth. As a resource to facilitators, we understand that fostering inclusion requires continuous effort and learning. Through our resources and engagement, we aim to support your journey towards building a truly inclusive community. 

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember;

involve me and I'll understand.

Chinese Proverb