A Unique Way to Start Important Conversations on Bias
Challenge assumptions with the unpredictable flavors of our jelly beans
Promoting Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity Beans are the team building exercise, workshop icebreaker, employee and teacher training resource, corporate promotional item, diversity gift, customizable job fair, conference and event giveaway, human resources recruitment, onboarding, and employee engagement tool.

Don't be like the others just slapping a logo on random candy. Be remembered for your commitment to DEI while leading people to a discovery with Diversity Beans.

Featured Clients

Word of Mouth

We handed these out at a conference and it is such a natural and catchy conversation starter.

Such a unifying message in such divided times.

A fun, creative, and tasty dialogue starter.

Students loved the message, the beans and the activity. There was a lot of laughter too!

It leaves a good taste in employees’ mouths (literally) about the topic of diversity.

They were a big hit! Thank you for offering such a valuable teaching tool!

Giving Back
20% of profits are donated to organizations working to dismantle systems of oppression
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