got bias?
special jelly beans created for educators teaching about diversity, equity, and inclusion
What are Diversity Beans?

Like people, you can't determine what's on the inside by simply looking at the outside. Created for educators teaching about diversity, equity, and inclusion, Diversity Beans offer a unique opportunity for employees and students to experience bias based on perception. 

Diversity Beans are a great addition to corporate training programs, sponsored events, teacher workshops, anti-bullying campaigns and more! 

Featured Customers


Diversity Beans are a fun, creative and tasty dialogue starter. We have enjoyed using them at student and teacher workshops, anti-bullying conferences and our exhibit gala.

Joan Korenblit, Executive Director, Respect Diversity Foundation

We use Diversity Beans in our firm reception areas, recruitment/job fairs, speaking engagements, and in our diversity orientation sessions. We use them primarily to demonstrate the prevalence of subsconscious stereotypes.

Elizabeth C., Diversity & Inclusion Director
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to schools and organizations supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion

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