Appearances (Grades K-5)

Diversity Beans - Appearances Lesson Plan (K-5) 

Objective: Expose students to concept that they should not judge people by appearances.

Materials Required: Approx. 1.5 oz of Diversity Beans per student.


A. Have the students count their beans and divide them up into piles of the same color.

B. Have the students count how many beans they have of each color.

C. Discuss with the students which colors they like and dislike and why.

D. Have the students discuss their expectations based on the colors.

E. Have the students list the possible flavors that could be associated with each color and why.

F. Ask the students if it is “fair” to base their choice on color when expected flavor is what they are really basing their decisions on.

G. Allow the students to “trade” beans based on their desire for certain flavors/colors.

H. Have each student select a bean of their favorite color. Record on the board the expectations of the class, i.e. everyone with a yellow bean expects lemon flavor.

I. Have the students eat the beans. Record on the board the results.

J. Discuss with the students the possible reasons for the results, i.e. are the flavors mixed up or is there a pattern.

K. Ask the students what they expect when they taste the next bean. Ask the students if they want to taste the same color beans or if they want to switch colors.

L. Have each student select another bean of the same color. Have them closely examine the bean to see if they can tell what they should expect when they eat it. Record on the board the expectations.

M. Have the students eat the beans and record the results on the board. Compare the results with the first round, and discuss any differences.

N. Continue this process for as many rounds as desired.

O. Once the class reaches the stage where they realize that the color on the outside is not a good indication of flavor on the inside, discuss how this relates to NOT judging people by their appearance. Relate this concept to stories the students may have read such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “The Little Engine That Could”, “The Iron Giant”, etc.