Ways to use Diversity Beans

Corporate Swag and Custom Giveaways

Inclusive Team Building Activities and Exercises

Unique Holiday Gifts and Company Awards

Branded Promotional Items and Conference Takeaways

Workshop Tools and Icebreakers

Student and Teacher Training Assets

Job Fair and Recruitment Freebies

School Welcome Week Merch

Advertising Specialties with Logo

Onboarding and Employee Engagement Events

Leadership and Management Development

A reminder to hit pause and analyze expectations when meeting someone new

An invitation to learn life experiences and perspectives different from your own

A tangible way to experience bias based on perception

An expression of personal commitment to value differences

A lesson in prejudice, stereotypes, and assumptions, proving looks can be deceiving

A tool and community of resources to assist in building diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces

A catalyst for discussions on systemic racism, white supremacy, allyship, accomplices and co-conspirators

A sweet way (pun intended) to talk about bias, prejudice, and stereotypes with coworkers, friends and family

A branded promotional giveaway for job fairs and corporate sponsored events

A fun icebreaker activity at your next meeting or in the classroom

A memorable takeaway for corporate diversity training

A desktop reminder that your company values diversity and inclusion

An exercise for leadership training and professional development

A gift for new hires during orientation and onboarding

An inclusive holiday gift for employees, corporate partners and students

A sensitivity activity for teacher training workshops

An anti-bullying campaign lesson or conference takeaway

A unique party favor or handout at speaking engagements, seminars and family dinners

...and so on!

Tell us, how do you use Diversity Beans?

Special Notice: Something we hope goes without saying, Diversity Beans are not a substitute for diversity, equity, and inclusion training. Diversity Beans are an addition to training, a reminder, a takeaway, an activity in your organization, school or training program.

Remember, inclusive community building is a process not an event. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your process.