About the beans

Sometimes referred to as "a trick and a treat", "cool beans", "food for thought" or "a sugar-coated message"...we like to call Diversity Beans a "super cool teaching tool" that reminds people to not "judge a book by its cover" or a person by a first impression.

Because their flavors may not match their colors, schools and corporations find Diversity Beans to be a memorable way to talk to students and employees about important topics around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What are Diversity Beans?

A reminder to hit pause and analyze expectations when meeting someone new

An invitation to learn life experiences and perspectives different from your own

A tangible way to experience bias based on perception

An expression of personal commitment to value differences

A lesson in prejudice, stereotypes, and assumptions, proving looks can be deceiving

A tool (and community of resources) to help build diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces

A catalyst for discussions on systemic racism, white supremacy, allyship to accomplice, and more

A sweet way (pun intended) to talk about bias, prejudice, and stereotypes with friends, kids, and family

Ways to use Diversity Beans: 

A branded promotional giveaway for job fairs and corporate sponsored events

A fun icebreaker activity at your next meeting (or in the classroom)

A memorable takeaway for corporate diversity training

A desktop reminder that your company values diversity and inclusion

An exercise for leadership training and professional development

A gift for new hires during orientation and onboarding

An inclusive holiday gift for employees, corporate partners, or students

A sensitivity activity for teacher training workshops

An anti-bullying campaign lesson or conference takeaway

A unique party favor or handout at speaking engagements, seminars, or family dinners

How do you use Diversity Beans?

Ways NOT to use Diversity Beans:

Diversity Beans are not a substitute for diversity training. Diversity Beans are an addition to training, a reminder, a takeaway, an activity in your training. Creating companies, classrooms, homes and communities that are diverse and inclusive is a process...we would love to be a part of yours!

Who uses Diversity Beans

Join the many schools and corporations that have incorporated Diversity Beans into their programs.


Everyone knows jelly beans. We deliver a memorable experience with a resonate message.


We create opportunities for important conversations and self-reflection. A change agent for good.


We bring people together, provide a space to grow in, and introduce a community ready to help.