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Searching for a standout trade show and conference giveaway that embodies your strong commitment to diversity and inclusion? Look no further than Diversity Beans, the ultimate promotional candy designed to leave a lasting impression. These tasty treats not only satisfy taste buds but also serve as a valuable lesson on challenging assumptions.

Elevate your brand visibility and foster meaningful connections by incorporating inclusive corporate branded merchandise with a powerful message. Embrace the power of Diversity Beans to leave a sweet and unforgettable impact on your audience.

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Such a unifying message in such divided times.

We handed these out at a conference and it is such a natural and catchy conversation starter.

Students loved the message, the beans and the activity. There was a lot of laughter too!

A fun, creative, and tasty dialogue starter.

It leaves a good taste in employees’ mouths (literally) about the topic of diversity.

They were a big hit! Thank you for offering such a valuable teaching tool!

Definitely gets people talking and brings conversations forward.

We distributed them at a meeting and they were a big hit!

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What EXACTLY are Diversity Beans?

Diversity Beans are jellybeans made in random color-flavor combinations. A black jelly bean may taste like licorice, or cherry, or peppermint, and so on. Diversity Beans come in six colors and ten flavors...making it impossible to predict the flavor based soley on appearance.

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Diversity Beans serve as a powerful metaphor for understanding and challenging our biases. They remind us that making assumptions based on appearances can lead to incorrect judgments and reinforce stereotypes. By encouraging individuals to look beyond the surface and embrace differences, Diversity Beans foster awareness and open dialogue about unconscious bias, helping to create a more inclusive and accepting environment for all.

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All Purchases Benefit Communities

We are passionate about supporting those who create, share, and take risks to build antiracist, equitable, and inclusive communities. We support this passion by donating 20% of our profits to their work and in-kind donations to schools in under-resourced areas.

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Diversity Beans were a hit! We used them in several training sessions with junior, mid, and senior level personnel. We found them to be a unique tool that inspired conversations about diversity. They were well received and enjoyed by all attendees!

Tonisha L., Equal Opportunity Manager

We use Diversity Beans as conversation starters, icebreakers, and giveaways at corporate sponsored events. We love the saying, we love that you can add our logo, and we love that the jelly beans are truly diverse! 

Jacqueline L., Executive Recruiter

Diversity Beans give students food for thought about the many ways we can combat prejudice, bias, and hate, and how we all have a part in making the world a better place.

Marjorie M., Social Adjustment Counselor

Diversity Beans are part of our overall awareness initiative. We give them individually, to teams, and use them during brand conferences. They are a quick hit to keep diversity front and forward and employees love the concept. It leaves a good taste in their mouth (literally) about the topic of diversity.

Shelia J., Director of Diversity

We use Diversity Beans in our firm reception areas, recruitment/job fairs, speaking engagements, and in our diversity orientation sessions. We use them primarily to demonstrate the prevalence of subsconscious stereotypes.

Elizabeth C., Diversity & Inclusion Director