Our Story

Can jelly beans change the world?

At a time when our country is the most divided since the Civil War, many people are searching for ways to help unify their community.

Diversity Beans were created for such a time as this.

Born in 2000 to combat prejudice, Diversity Beans force people to put their assumptions to the test. Like, "don't judge a book by its cover", don't judge these beans by their color. Tasked as a teaching tool for bias, prejudice, and stereotypes, Diversity Beans open the door to deepening conversations about past experiences and belief systems.

Used by companies like Apple, Amazon, and Disney, and in primary, secondary, and collegiate schools across the nation, Diversity Beans are a staple in training programs where building inclusive spaces is a priority.

The How & The Why

I’ve tried to write this page many times over the years. It never felt authentic because, well, it’s just so hard to be vulnerable. I don't want to feel judged. Then it dawned on me, Diversity Beans are all about being vulnerable. Sharing our experiences can be ever so hard, but oh so valuable.

So, here it goes...

Hi, my name is Tracy Jackson and I’m the maker of Diversity Beans, brainchild of Professor Delane McUne.

My story is quite common--I left home at 18, joined the USAF, fell in love, got married, had children, and the like.

Sounds pretty conventional, right?

Until I share that, in 33 years, my [white] parents have never met my [Black] husband.

I know personally how damaging closed minds can be. It's because of this that I spend my days working to find resources, tools and partners that are passionate about creating a kinder, more inclusive and equitable world, so that I can share them with you.

So, do I believe that jelly beans can change the world? No, not exactly. But, I do believe they can spark conversations that will.

Are you ready to get to work with me?

Together we can,


Before DiversityBeans.com

My entrepreneurial journey officially began in 2001. Struggling to find products that reflected diversity, I created an online gift store full of artwork, books, jewelry, clothing (like the cute little dresses my daughters are wearing in some of the pictures below), along with many other treasures. The store, iCelebrateDiversity.com, has morphed and changed over the last twenty years. When Diversity Beans arrived on scene in 2005, our model shifted away from being child focused to more corporate focused. 2020 ushered in a new transition period and that's when we decided to create DiversityBeans.com. 

Below are a few pictures of my family and entrepreneurial journey!

    This is Us

    March 2020


    (10,000 lbs of beans) 2012

    New Business Owner

    Diversity Beans 2011

    Chief Master Sergeant

    (USAF Promotion Ceremony) 2005

    Clara Luper

    (Civil Rights Leader) 2003

    More Inspiration

    (THAT dress) 2003

    Launched 1st Website

    (THOSE dresses) 2001

    A Whole New World

    (inspiration is born)1991

    Our Beginning

    (young and innocent)1987