Origin Story

I'm Tracy Jackson, and this is the story behind Diversity Beans

It all started with a picky toddler...

Born from one parent's frustration with their small child's boycott of all green foods, the random color/flavor combinations in our jelly beans grew from teaching toddlers to expand their taste buds, to so much more: A powerful tool used to facilitate discussions about bias. 

Driven by Diversity

When I first learned about Diversity Beans, I was an active-duty military spouse (and veteran myself), entrepreneur, and mom to two little girls. Estranged from my parents following my interracial marriage, I had personally experienced the damaging effects of prejudice and recognized Diversity Beans' potential as a tool for positive change.

Years earlier, I founded the eCommerce brand, iCelebrateDiversity, where inclusive products and messaging was the objective. Adding Diversity Beans was a natural fit, and in 2011, I acquired the company.

An Unconventional Icebreaker

Today, over 10 million assumptions have been challenged by Diversity Beans. Companies like Disney, Target, and Pepsi have enjoyed the unique delivery method and thought-provoking message making them a hit not only in the office, but in the classroom, boardroom, and community too. 

A Pictorial Timeline

My blended life and entrepreneurial journey.

    The Beginning

    (young and naive) 1987

    Inspiration is Born

    (eyes opened to the lack of inclusive products) 1991

    Opened for Business

    (launched eCommerce brand focused on inclusivity) (those dresses! ❤) 2001

    Daughter #3

    (and another amazing dress! ❤) 2003

    Chief Master Sergeant Promotion

    (Top 1% - USAF enlisted force) 2005

    Discovered Diversity Beans

    (and Jelly "the Bean" - mascot) 2005

    Acquired Diversity Beans

    (amazing opportunity) 2011

    First Batch of Bulk Beans

    (10,000 LBS) 2012

    Us Now (33 years later)

    (and the year this .com was created) 2020