2020 Impact Initiative

Commitment & Future Goals for Diversity Beans

After the murder of George Floyd, we took a good look at Diversity Beans and asked: "Are we doing everything possible to create a more equitable and just world with our resources?"  Sadly, the answer was "no". So we created a plan to implement changes that align more with our vision of being a social impact business. 

Below are a few of the changes we’ve made:

- We created Diversitybeans.com to honor Diversity Beans and create community. Before, Diversity Beans were one of many products sold on our sister site and not given the attention they deserve.

- We joined with a co-packer to package large quantities of beans to be able to market more effectively. (Before, we were exclusively packaged by hand.)

- We created new free label designs beyond our original "Don't judge a bean by its color" option, adding: United to end racism, Black lives matter (100% of profits from sales with BLM labels are donated to BLM), Celebrating pride 365, Be a buddy not a bully and Change agent for good. This was done to give customers options without having the cost of customization. 

- We created an affiliate program to say Thank You! and reward our community for sharing Diversity Beans and helping us spread our message and mission. 

- We created an option for educators already doing the work to receive an additional 5% commission on their referrals if they choose to share their lesson plans and activities (related to diversity, equity, and inclusion) with our community.

- We created a School Donation Program for schools to be able to apply for discounted beans as money is made available through our giving back program. 

- We commit to donate 20% net profits to organizations and schools that align with our commitment to pursue justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

- We commit to growing our lesson plans and resources to help companies, schools, individuals, and communities pursue justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

*This is a living space that will be updated as we grow.